F.T.E.M is the elite model that describes the elite pathway for athlete in Australia. It has been set out by the Australian Institute of Sport and all Australian Organisations of Sport run by it. FTEM stands for-

  • Foundation (Grassroots, local sport)
  • Talent (Where NIAS fits in)
  • Elite (Representing Australia)
  • Mastery (The best in the sport over a prolonged period of time- Johnathan Thurston, Israel Folau, Mile Jedinak, Lisa Fox, Ben Simmons)

NIAS falls under the Talent section in this model. It is our job to identify talented athletes in the foundation level that show potential. We then offer them pathways, higher level coaching, education and support to assist them on their way to becoming an Elite athlete and ultimately a Master.

FTEM integrates three key outcomes of sport participation:

  • active lifestyle;
  • sport participation; and
  • sport excellence.

By categorising the key features of a sportsperson or athlete within each of these pathways, we can encapsulate the relevant research and expectations of athletes throughout their sporting journey.

It also provides practical methods to assist sport stakeholders managing an athlete's career and those who work in developing sport systems.

This enhanced understanding of sporting pathways will help us to improve the experiences of more people, at more levels of the pathway, more often.