20th - 23rd January 2019
Presented by the Northern Inland Academy of Sport (NIAS)
with the support of Newington College and their Head of Football Brian McCarthy in Armidale, NSW.

NIAS has great pleasure in inviting you to the National Football Camp (NFC). The National Football Camp is a football (soccer) camp for both boys and girls aged U5-U17 from across the country taking place in a four day comprehensive football camp. The NFC embraces inclusivity, enjoyment, friendship in sport and sportsmanship as its core values.


The NFC has the support of Newington College’s Head of Football Brian McCarthy and is supported by Northern NSW Football who will be providing high profile coaches as special guests in support of this camp.

Headlining the NFC will be Head Coach Brian McCarthy. The quality of every Session, Theory or Practical as well as materials and pre-event publicity will be of a quality level in keeping with Brian’s 12 years of top International Football Involvement at 4 European Championships, 3 World Cups, and 2012 EURO Finals Series with the Irish National Team.


The NFC is supported by the Northern NSW Football and Northern Inland Football and who will be providing coaches as special guests in support of this camp.

This is a wonderful opportunity for athletes to experience a tour, undertake a three day camp run by international standard coaches and develop their skills with athletes from around Australia. 



The NFC camp was an amazing experience for me as well as as meeting talented athletes outside of my region, with coaches like Brian McCarthy and his team taken time out of his day to create an experience for kids young and old. With intense training and a different coaching style he really helped me to improve my skills as well as broaden my knowledge of the game. 

-Jessica James