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Applications for the 2022 Boys Rugby League program are OPEN! 


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Date: Friday 17th June

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm Matchplay

Location: Tamworth


Girls Rugby League trial dates (and applications) TBC - stay tuned!

 If you require more information, please contact the NIAS office.

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2021 Program Staff

Boys Manager

Scott Bone

Boys Coaches
Peter Stevens

Scott Blanch

Jake McManus

Girls Coaches
Luke Taylor

Amy Barraclough

Richard Ingram

Brianna Tricket

Girls Manager

Marion Frendin


Application Details

Who is Eligible

Male athletes who turn 15 in 2022 (born in 2007), reside within the Group 21, 4 or 19 regions and is a member of an affiliated club or association or be prepared to join.

Female athletes who turn 15, 16 or 17 in 2022 (born in 2005, 2006 or 2007) and reside within the Group 21, 4 or 19 regions (Applications to open soon!)

Selection Process & Criteria

Players may be offered a place in the Rugby League Program based on their performances. A selection panel will assess each application based on performances, attitude and commitment to Rugby League. There will be one U15's BOYS squad selected in 2022 consisting of up to 30 athletes, There will be one U17's GIRLS squad selected in 2022 (made up of 16 and 17 year age eligbile girls) consisting of 20-30 athletes, with 15 year old girls selected as Development Age.                       

Trials will take place on Friday 17th June for the boys 6:00pm - 8:00pm with matchplay. Location is Tamworth.

 Girls trials are TBC.

Athletes will be assessed on the following criteria via Talent Identification processes.

  1. T- Technique
  2. I- Intelligence (Touch).
  3. P- Physical Attributes
  4. S- Skill
  5. Endurance

Program year

The program year for BOYS in 2022 willl include the following:

  • Six regional training sessions
  • Opportunity for satellite sessions
  • Skill acquisition, strength and conditioning and athlete education
  • Out of region tour (Date TBC)
  • Academy Awards night/30 Years of NIAS Celebration
  • Program to run from June (trials) 

The coaching team are currently finalising dates for the program. Check back soon for updates.

Trials -  Friday 17th June in Tamworth

An outline of the program year for GIRLS in 2022 willl include the following (TBC):

  • 4-5 Training Sessions
  • Potential for satellite sessions
  • Skill acquisiiton, strength and conditioning and athlete education
  • Trials may assist in identification for the U17's Tigers squad
  • Opportunity for out of region tour if selected
  • Academy Awards night


Program content

The program includes skill development, team development, fitness screening, games against quality opposition and regional match play.

Athletes will have access to information from the NIAS Life Skills Education program. This program covers education sessions on



Opportunities beyond Sport

Performace Psychology 

Physiotherapist support (Correct Techniques) 

Health and Wellbeing

Strength & Conditioning support 

Program Outcomes

The program will offer each athlete the opportunity to further develop and improve skills required to gain selection in regional, state and national teams.


Subjectivity is an unavoidable element in all selections. Athletes who feel the selection criteria has not been adhered to should be aware that NIAS has a formal 'Appeals' process available.

Contact NIAS if you would like to make an appeal and recieve feedback on your application. 

Athlete Benefits

Intensive training support by quality regional, guest and state level coaches.

  • Regional training sessions
  • Sport Science fitness testing and support.
  • One ticket to annual awards night.
  • Travel assistance to attend NIAS regional training sessions and camps.
  • Financial assistance if selected into state team.
  • Fully Paid Athlete Levy scholarships due to financial hardship available.

Athlete Commitments

  • Attend all program activities.
  • Be committed to a holistic approach to their development, both on and off the field.
  • Comply with the training requirements and respond in a positive manner to any suggestion or criticism.
  • Maintain an appropriate performance standard to continue to receive a scholarship.
  • Behave and dress in a professional and dignified manner when representing the NIAS and its sponsors.
  • Wear Academy apparel when representing the Academy at events.
  • Make yourself available (within reason) to sponsors and the media for promotional purposes.
  • Adhere to NIAS anti-doping policy.
  • Maintain communication with NIAS and coaching staff as required.


Athlete levy:  $190 (approximately).This levy will cover training camps, coaching support, Life Skills Education, fitness testing, and  Awards Night ticket)
Sports Trip:  $TBC.

Rugby League NIAS clothing pack:  $TBC 

Athlete levy support programs are available for those experiencing financial difficulty.


Open Date: 01 May 2022
Close Date: 01 June 2022

For further information please contact the NIAS office on 67 662526 or email

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Sport Information

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Athlete declaration*
I have read the NIAS Terms and Conditions, NIAS Drug Policy and the NIAS Athlete Code of Ethics documents and if selected, I agree to fulfil all obligations to the Academy outlined in these documents.
Parent Declaration*
I have read the NIAS Terms and Conditions, NIAS Drug Policy and the NIAS Athlete Code of Ethics documents and if selected, I agree to fulfil all obligations to the Academy outlined in these documents.