Jock Hollis claims Encouragement Award at Jetblack 24 Hour Event in Rydal


Northern Inland Academy of Sport Mountain Biking athlete Jock Hollis was presented with an encouragement award on the squad's final tour for 2020 at the Jetblack 24 Rydal event in December last year. As part of the JetBlack MTB Racing team, Grahame Sonter was keen to give back to an athlete that came with a positive attitude and consistently showed great commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to mountain biking. In just his first year at NIAS in 2020 Hollis was the fitting nominee for this award - despite having to adjust to changes COVID-19 brought to racing events. In claiming this award, Jock has recieved a store credit to one of his local bike shops.

Jock has said "NIAS has helped me grow as both a person and a rider. I have grown in my confidence and and ability to put myself out there. I have also grown greatly in my riding skills in my time under NIAS. Riding in teams has been enjoyable and my fellow team mates have been fantastic company and strong competitors. Special thanks goes to my coaches- Michael Crummy and Alyssa Rogan who have taught me a great deal and encouraged me in everything I do'.

Jock is returning to the academy in 2021 as he strives to become a stronger rider. "I am looking forward to 2021 with NIAS and I hope to continue to grow and develop both on and off the track". The mountain biking athletes are set to commence their year with a regional training session in Tamworth on the 20th February.