The Armidale School

NIAS welcomed The Armidale School (TAS) as an associate partner on 25 March 2010.  TAS has been informally supporting NIAS over many years in generously offering its facilities and resources to Regional Academy programs.

Established in 1894, The Armidale School is an Anglican, GPS, day and boarding school for boys with a tradition of academic, sporting and individual achievement.

The co-educational Junior School caters for students from Transition to Year 5 and the award winning Middle School provides a unique pathway for boys in Year 6 to Year 8. Year 9 to Year 12 students have the opportunity to achieve through the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate curriculum.

The resolve of the founders to establish a school with a philosophy which embraced the ideals of an independent mind and spirit, and promoted the Christian ethic, has been proudly achieved. It is school policy to limit enrolment to a level which preserves the values of a small caring community but which is big enough to provide the range of subjects and activities associated with city schools.

TAS, as it is better known, is able to offer the opportunities of a safe country atmosphere (midway between Sydney and Brisbane) in the university city of Armidale.

At TAS the boarding experience is a very important. Independence, punctuality, responsibility and consideration for others all come from a successful boarding experience. We specialise in offering first class, seven-days a week, boarding care.

The surrounding gorge country and national parks are the location for the school's outdoor education program - 'character training through adventure' is part of the school's philosophy.

Through its membership of the international Round Square Conference of schools, TAS has links to schools such as Gordonstoun in Scotland, Wellington College in the United Kingdom, The Athenian School in California and the Doon School in India. This has enabled TAS to establish an international reputation and thus we are able to offer your son a world of opportunity.

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